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Air defense missile system (updated ADMS Strela-10M, Strela-10M2, Strela-10M3). Protection of army units in any forms of combat operations and on the march against air attack and reconnaissance means diving and flying at low and ultra low altitude.

Upgrading objecive

Providing operation capability in day/night and all-weather, automatic sector scanning provided with thermal imaging system, automatic target acquisition and tracking unit and scanner. Spectral range of thermal imaging channel comes to 3–5 µm and corresponds with spectral range of missile seeker of 9M333 (9M37M, 9M37MD) surface-to-air guided missiles (SAM).

Upgrading concept

• keeping of the mass and overall dimensions acceptable for the combat vehicle (CV) and energy balance after new devices installation
• minimal updates in the launcher and CV functional connections
• the least permissible quantity of units and connection cables of new devices that takes into account complicated assembly and tracing inside CV
• the least permissible updating of standard devices of CV, connection layout scheme without functional disconnection between CV devices parts
• combat crew functions saving in accordance with effective maintenance documentation
• maximum adaptation assurance of CV operator for using standard optic sighting device in day and video vision device in night


• high reliability and usability
• high firing capacity permits to fire at air targets on opposite and pursuit courses (fire-and-forget)
• day/night and all-weather capability of combat processes
• concealed preparation of fire and high survivability
• high effectiveness of combat application ensuring engagement of air target in conditions of powerful optic (thermal) and modulated jamming aside from their arrangement mode
• optimal solution of the mission is ensured by multispectral missile seeker integrated into SAM