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Naval air defense missile and gun system at close-in defensive line. Protection against all types of aerial threats including anti-ship missiles flying at low and ultra low altitudes at close-in defensive line.

Structure principles

• combined armament consisting of specially developed high-speed precision-guided laser beam riding missiles SOSNA-R and two rapid fire guns AO-18КD. This combination provides for a layered air defense against the adversary’s air attack weapons in the area of responsibility of the system
• SAM’s payload is of optimal configuration. The weapon’s effectiveness has been raised by increasing the weight of its separated warheads and by using a contact sensing-proximity laser fuze producing a continuous circular beam and featuring the adaptive initiation time
• specially designed rounds with hard-core tracer bullets made from TNI alloy providing for the assured initiation of the antiship missile warhead
• original multichannel automatic all-weather day / night optronic control system of high precision
• laser beam riding missile control system
• high jamming immunity achieved due to the use of protected narrow-beam optronic channels to acquire and track the target, measure its range and guide the missile onto it
• autonomous target tracking by use of automatic optronic control system with sector coverage and automatic target designation mode
• automatic and semiautomatic target designation modes


• high firing capacity together with short flight time and high shooting velocity of gun system
• high effectiveness of combat application including high-speed and low-flying targets
• complete automation of combat processes
• quick response capability (from target detection to fire opening)
• capability of combat processes in all-weather day/night conditions
• concealed preparation of fire and high survivability
• radar and optical countermeasure equipments immunity