Portable laser automatic device of optronic contermeasure
Portable laser automatic device of optronic contermeasure

PAPV device is intended to create laser radiated pulse light interference for the optical and optronic equipments effecting counter observation and targeting.c In the mode of setting laser radiated interferences, the device creates a flare spot in the field of vision (suppression) of the detected optronic countermeasure devices, damaging in separate cases their sight reticules and sensitive elements of receiving devices.

Structure principles

• integration into the device of sighting channel, laser system for detection of optoelectronic devices, power laser and power supply unit with storage battery
• the device operation in the semiautomatic mode: operator aims the device to the point of possible arrangement of hidden optronic devices with the aid of sighting channel, next laser detection system makes search by probe laser beam scanning of area
• complexation of the low-power probing laser generating radiation in the invisible spectrum part, receiving channel for the reflected signal from the optronic device and detected target audible signalling device in the laser detection system
• high accuracy of the detection system provided by two photo receivers – wide and narrow fields of vision in its receiving channel
• special algorithms for processing of reflected signals exclude responses to the signals reflected from glass, eye-glasses and diffusion reflecting objects
• power laser suppresses detected optronic systems and generates optical radiation in visible and near IR spectral regions
• autonomous power from the power supply unit consisting of a capacity accumulator and a device converting the voltage of 27 V into the voltages for accumulators charging and all electronic systems of the device powering


• power laser suppress effectively day and night channels of detected optronic system
• high jamming immunity, selectivity and accuracy of detecting system
• light and audible signalling devices indicate hidden optronic devices-targets detecting
• in case of accurate guidance on the detected optronic system power laser is activated by automatic command
• instantaneous, noiseless and invisible exposure of the power radiation pulse on detected optronic system and its suppression
• ability to operate from hidden positions
• short deployment time
• nonlethal countermeasure means of detectionp

Performance characteristics
power radiation pulse energy, J
   wave length 0,53 µm 0.2
   wave length 1,06 µm 1.5
repetition frequency pulse of power radiation, Hz 0.1
pulse power of probe radiation on wave length 0,86 µm, W 2
repetition frequency pulse of probe radiation, Hz 6000
action range, m 300 – 1500
weight of device, kg 56
crew, persons 2

Being one of the pioneers in laser devices creation sphere, Nudelman Precision Engineering Design Bureau (KBtochmash) continues its developing and works up detecting devices and means of optronic countermeasure for duel situation as well as fighting against snipers.