Kobra. Tank guided weapon system
Tank guided weapon system

Kobra is the world first tank guided weapon system. It is designed to fight tanks and armored vehicles and provides artillery guided projectile firing from standard gun of T-64B and T-80B tanks in motion and stationary.

Structure principles

• guided projectile meets dimensions of standard artillery round and can be placed in the standard tank loading gear
• two-section modular design of the projectile (forebody section and control section)
• provide joining of forebody section and control section (when seating guided projectile into the channel of gun tube)
• high-performance cumulative warhead of guided projectile
• using of radio command control system


• The ability to fire in motion and stationary on any grounds owing to the identification of the gun initial elevation and following programmed leading-out of the projectile onto the sight line. In the case of dust environment, the fired projectile flies above the sight line and then descents onto the sight line at impact time.
• The guided projectile fitted with shaped-charge warehead fires from the standard tank gun. The projectile is placed in the standard tank loading gear in any quantitative combinations of artillery rounds. The onboard equipment of the system functions reliably in conditions of extreme firing g-loads.
• The guided projectile employs a two-section modular design. The forebody section accommodates a warhead and engine system, the afterbody section contains equipment and propelling unit. The two-section modular design permits the yield of its warhead to be enhanced within wide limits, which is not practicable for rounds of traditional design, and the armor-piercing effect to be maintained at the highest level for a long period without substantial updating.
• The guidance system is semiautomatic, with projectile position finding by the onboard transmitter and commands transfer via the radio link. The fire control system comprises a quantum range-finder sight with two-axis line-of-sight stabilization, built-in direction finder to track the guided projectile transmitter and ballistic computer providing automatic corrections of deviation from standard firing conditions and automatic selection of the firing mode and the guided projectile trajectory depending on the target range.
• High automation level of combat operations.

Performance characteristics
caliber, mm 125
length, mm 960
weight, kg 21
firing range, m 100 - 4000
muzzle velocity, m/s 400
warhead shaped-charge
composition forebody and control body