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Irregular shape components

Instrument engineering plant of the enterprise fills orders of other companies:
• manufacturing of irregular shape components according to customers’ drawings
• developing, manufacturing and debugging of press molds
• manufacturing of single and few pieces of components that need modern high-technology equipment and skilled operatives

Designers and technologists of KBtochmash use software package Unigraphics for engineering process. The plant has modern equipment:
• miller including five-axis, turning, turning milling machining centers (Mazak, DMG, Mikron, Cincinnati)
• multiaxis electrospark machines (Sodick, Mitsubishi)
• automated station for metal heat treatment under controlled atmosphere (Codere SA)
• plasma arc welding robotic center

Developping, manufacturing and debugging of press molds

Press molds for extrusion blow molding
Our enterprise has a big experience in the sphere of press molds for extrusion blow molding:
• develop product design
• inspect extrusion blow molding machine
• project press mold design including forming tool, fins cutting unit, blow molding rod etc.
• manufacture tooling package and debug operation mode of press mold in extrusion machine

Among our customers: Lukoil Oil Company, TNK Oil, Faberlic and others.

Press molds for manufacturing of dispensable patterns that are used in manufacturing of turbine buckets

Among our customers: Scientific Production Association Saturn, ALSTOM Power Uniturbo