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Air defense missile system. The system is intended to protect against all types of air threats including high-precision weapons e.g. cruise missiles and guided aircraft missiles in the area of the system responsibility: in range - up to 10 km, in altitude - up to 5 km.

Air defense missile system (updated ADMS Strela-10M, Strela-10M2, Strela-10M3). Protection of army units in any forms of combat operations and on the march against air attack and reconnaissance means diving and flying at low and ultra low altitude.

Naval air defense missile and gun system at close-in defensive line
Protection against all types of aerial threats including anti-ship missiles flying at low and ultra low altitudes at close-in defeisive line.

Automatic optronic control system of small and middle caliber guns for navy and land forces Ensures detection, tracking, high-precision providing of full angles guidance and gun armament drive control. The system can be integrated into 30, 57, 76 and 100 mm guns put into the service with the navy and land forces.